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Best Free Blogger Tools in 2019

Best Free Blogger Tools in 2019

   Today we are talking about, about some such websites and about tools which are a very important tool for any blogger. If you are a blogger then you can use all these tools. I will give you a good idea about all these tools. Whatever your drawbacks in your blog, which are good, will tell you that you will be able to do your blog even better and this will also increase your ranking in Google and traffic to your blog will also be more and your Blog's Bounce Rate will also be very low, which will be a good thing for any blogger.

All these websites/tools will let you know all the drawbacks of your blog. What improvements do you have in your blog, i.e. what changes? You will be signed and what are the drawbacks in your content from here. What are the mistakes you made? Which Duplicate content and which photos are not okay for your blog on your blog? And what are the HTML, CSS, or JS Code you want to remove from your blog, or which plugins you can use to make your blog even better? This information will be shared with you from this post.

In this, there are drawbacks about the Speed Speed of your page and Speed on your blog. You will know from here that you have to implement. Here is the duplicate content on your blog, along with SEO related information and your blog's ranking. All of them will get you information about all these tools.

Keyword Planner: -

This is the most important thing on your blog. What you have to write on your blog and how it will reach the people. You will have to do a plan which we can do with the help of Keyword Planner Tool. When we search on a topic in Google or another search engine, we enter some keywords and do a search. Webmasters or bloggers need to know which keywords people search on Google. The tool for this is Google Keyword Planner.
Keyword Planner is Google's only Free Keyword Research Tool, through which it is determined which times the keyword is the search and the average CPC of Google AdWords related to it and how much competition are there in that keyword. And in what countries it has its search number.

 SEO Checker Tool: -

SEO Checker Tool If your blog is not ranking well in Google then you can use SEO tools on your blog to know whether your blog is SEO Friendly or not, that means if your blog is not SEO friendly, then your Blog Never rank in google nor it will be ranked in another search engine, so first you have to implement SEO of your blog. So that more on your blog comes from Traffic Search Engine. And you can get Organic Traffic on your blog.

 Page Speed Test: -

GTMatrix is a Best Website Speed Testing Tool where you can check the Speed of your blog and here is your entire Website Scan where you can show your blog's Average Loading Speed, Requests, and the size of your blog page also. And here you get Ranking, you get it according to A, B, C and D, where A and B are considered to be best. And C and D need to be improved. And you also know what you need to improve. And here you get all the things automatically optimized, which you can apply directly to your blog.

Rank Checker Tools: -

If you are a blogger then it is very important that you know the rank of your blog is very important. So that you could increase your Global Rank and Country Rank. And what do you have to do to implement this rank increase, or what is on your website that makes your ranking better? Or from which it is getting a worse ranking?

 Duplicate Content Checker: -

Duplicate Content Checker Tool tells you how many internal Duplicate content is on your blog, and how many External duplicate content it is. So that you can remove duplicate content from your blog by removing them from your blog or by making a little change, and get your blog a good ranking on google.
Copyscape is one of the oldest and popular duplicate content checker tool. Here you can add duplicate content by adding URL.

Worthofweb: -

This is a website where you can find the value of your website, how much income you can get from your blog. Or how many visitors come on your blog every day or how many pages views it is. daily Monthly or Yearly We will talk about this in our next post.

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