Saturday, December 29, 2018

Top 10 Most liked Facebook pages of 2018

 Top 10 Most liked Facebook pages of 2018
 Top 10 Most liked Facebook pages of 2018

                                            Facebook is the world's largest social networking site with over 2 Billion monthly active users. Billions of people, Millions of Pages and Trillions of likes made Facebook ultimate. This world's largest people community is created by Youngest Billionaire in the world Mark Zuckerberg. There's no doubt that Facebook is the best Platform in order to connect with peoples. So in this same way, Facebook helps to the Brands to connect with the Audience. In this article we are discussing Top 10 Most liked Facebook pages of 2018.
                                            Facebook never lags in order to entertain their audience, Similarly here Pages of Facebook also entertain the audience a lot. The best part of Facebook is that the content creator and content followers both are the audiences itself. Daily over 350 Million photos are uploaded on the Facebook, Now you can understand how big it is. Liking a page is the event occurring on Facebook when the user on wants to upvote his favorite post. When you like a page on facebook it is followed automatically and you can see the similar post from that page.
  1.  Facebook 213.6 Million  and counting 
                    Facebook                                                   Facebook is the official page of the Facebook company. It is observed that out of 5 every 13 Likes the official page of the Facebook community. 2018 is about to End but people's love toward official page isn't going to end. Currently, this Facebook page has over 213.6 Million pages likes making The most like a page of Facebook of 2018.                                             
  2. Samsung  159.77 Million and counting
                     Samsung                                Most loved Tech company, is also the most liked Brand page on Facebook. This page has over 159.77 Million page likes in the year 2018. I would like to tell you that Samsung also the most sold the phone in the year 2018.
  3. Cristina Ronaldo 122.54 Million  and counting 
                                   Cristina Ronaldo                                     The Hero of the Soccer, all-time legend Cristina Ronaldo's Page is the Third most liked on Facebook of the year 2018. Cristina Ronaldo is a massive soccer player, if you are new to soccer then his matches will surely blow your mind. Ronaldo's Facebook page have 122.54 Million likes in 2018.            
  4. Real Madrid CF 109.47 Million  and counting 
                   Real Madrid                         The Soccer team Real Madrid CF's official page has liked over 109.47 Million Fans of making Real Madrid CF the Fourth most liked Facebook page of 2018.                        
  5. Coca-cola 107.54 Million  and counting 
                    Coca cola                         The all-time greatest Cold drink brand Coca-cola has 107.54 Million likes on the Facebook page making this the fifth most liked the page on Facebook of 2018.                         
  6.  FC Barcelona 102.69 Million  and counting 
                   FC Barcelona                         FC Barcelona has 102.69 Million likes on the Facebook page making this the sixth most liked page on Facebook of 2018.                         
  7. Shakira 101.91 Million  and counting 
                    Shakira                         The most Charming Shakira has her Facebook and this page have over 101.91 Million pages likes Making Shakira the most liked woman on Facebook of 2018.                         
  8. Vin Diesel 98.74 Million  and counting 
                         Vin Diesel                           Hollywood movie Superstar Vin Diesel has his great fan following the entire world as well he is also ruling on Facebook making 98.74 Million likes on his pages. He is the most liked Actor in the world on Facebook.                       
  9. Tasty 95.8Million  and counting 
                    Tasty                         Tasty is the Facebook page having over 95.8 Million likes making himself ninth most liked page on Facebook of 2018.                         
  10. Leo Messi 89.91 Million  and counting 
                 Leo Messi               The King of Soccer Leo Messi have 89.91 Million Facebook fans and counting in the year 2018.

So here we end  Top 10 Most liked Facebook pages of 2018     From Dynamic Techs  and wishing you a very Big Happy New year 2019.