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WIPRO success story

WIPRO Success Story

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is an Indian Information Technology Consulting and business company owned by Azim Premji started on 29 December 1945. In today's date, the total revenue of Wipro is $6738000068.72. In order to know about the product software and software services of Wipro click here.

In the year 1945, the father of Premji Mr. Mohammed Premji started a company in Maharashtra named as Western Indian vegetable products Limited which makes sunflower vegetable oil, as well as cloth washing Soaps. After Completing School in Mumbai Azim Premji, went to Stanford University for his electrical engineering, but due to a family problem, he quit engineering came back to India. At that time his age was just 21 years old. When Azim Premji join Wipro in a meeting one of their shareholders told to everyone that

"Azim Premji should resign from the company cause of the complex business of the company and it is not easy for a 21-year-old boy"

- Wipro's Shareholder

Before this meeting Azim Premji was not confident on his own abilities, after that meeting Azim Premji was full of confidence and he decided that I will prove to everyone that I can drive Wipro company much better than anyone. I have no experience of business that leads to the Losses for a few years at the beginning of the company. In order to learn the business deeply, he spends his maximum time in factories after that Azim Premji company on his own. When Premji become the CEO of the company started to discover multiple products:

  •  Hydraulic cylinder
  •  IT hardware and software
  •  IT services 

IBM which was a very big IT company left India in 1977 and it provides a very big opportunity to Wipro. Then Wipro started to deal business with its hardware and change the name other company from western Indian vegetable products date to Wipro. Wipro started to build micro-computers then they also started to provide Software Solutions in 1989. Wipro joins with General Electric started a company name Wipro GE Medical System and they started to manufacture the products 1994. WIPRO services and then it become its core business later they started in to build the electric appliances and by having a business of IT hardware leads. This small compared to a very big company of India focusing on customer quality and services makes the company the best. Azim Premji always says

"That in order to win the success you must have hard work, performance and honesty usually focus on these three things"

                                                                                       - Azim Premji

Mr. Premji is well known for his effective management and his business skills let me have any example about this: There was a period when there was a lot of Empolyees during summer days just complaining about the rise in humidity of the temperature about the factories, so Azim Premji went there spend the same days with employees of the company. By having the business of Wipro company Azim Premji is the second richest person in India according to the Forbes. The net worth of Azim Premji of October 2018 is $20 billion.

Azim Premji also have a company Premji investment process on the startups and business and stock market Investments man invested 1000 crore rupees in HDFC $25 million into Myntra then Myntra launch with Flipkart and now Walmart purchases the Flipkart which led to the 500% profit Azim Premji. Premji invest Subhiksha 230 crore distribution has been closed the investment of Azim Premji has also filled in SnapDeal but where number of investments are made by the Azim Premji profit doing net worth Premji investment also invested in LensKart, Policybazaar, etc Azim Premji donated about 35% of his net profit in 2018. Premji is Azim Premji foundation in order to change the Indian education system which provides the free quality of education to the rural area students Azim Premji the richest friend trophies in India as well as from the year 1999 to 2005 Azim Premji was the richest man of India.

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