Thursday, January 24, 2019

Find my phone in less than 60 mins

Find my phone in less than  60 mins 

 Find my Phone by IMEI tracking and  IMEI of stolen phone

Find my Phone by IMEI tracking and  IMEI of a stolen phone 


    Everyone uses a smartphone nowadays because a smartphone can manage hundreds of things alone. No need to describe what it can store, but there are some problems with the smartphone that is it is very easy to and handle and very easy to lose your phone. The biggest problem that most of the people faces today is the Phone stealing. Number of people came with asking the question "How should I find my phone?". They do tons of research they found one-Phrase common that is IMEI Tracking. The question arises is that "I don't have a phone then "How can I find IMEI of a stolen Phone?". Your Phone consists of your personal pictures, personal videos, personal contacts, personal Apps, Passwords etc. So losing your phone is a very big problem nowadays. 

What is IMEI Number and How to find it?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Let me clear you that IMEI is not only for Mobile phones, this for every device which can join with any network.  Mobile phones, Tablets as well as the Dongol have their own IMEI number. IMEI number is the identity of the device when it is connected with any cellular device. This is 15 digits and this is available in Mobile Phone's Bill and Mobile Phone's Box or if you check in to the back panel of the mobile phone that is below the battery of your Mobile Phone. The best way to get your Mobile Phone's IMEI without any other media is just type *#06#. 

How to Find My phone

   Stealing your phone is a very big problem and if you lost your phone you can get back your mobile phone in less than 60 min by following these steps. Now your phone is stolen let's divide this into two cases
  • The first case is that you have a Normal phone 
  • The second case if you have a Smart Phone
 Let me clear you that if you have a Normal phone then you can't do a lot of things with these.
  • Go to the Police station 
  • Create an FIR about your phone
  • Take the copy of your FIR to your Mobile operator 
  • You will get a duplicate sim 
  • Tell your Mobile operator to block the IMEI number of your phone and launch it as surveillance mode.
  • As the surveillance mode is on then whenever the thief has changed the sim card then only one network notification is required later everything is dependant on the efficiency of Police. 

But if you have a smartphone then no need to go the police, if you have a smartphone and you put it somewhere and forget it or someone steals it then you need to do this step in your phone right now.
  • Login to your Android Device manager if you use an Android Phone or if you use an iPhone then you use iCloud
Here are different cases possible: If your Phone is online that is is your phone is getting network then you can directly locate your phone. But if your phone is in that location which is not accessible that is no network is coming. Then the first is to lock your phone. After locking your phone your all content will be safe aside. If you think you can't find your phone and the data inside your phone is so private that you don't want anyone to see then you can erase your Phone's data directly.   You can Locate your phone, Lock your Phone and even you can erase your phone but if your phone is in your home then you can Ring your Phone. When you lock your phone then you have an option to send a message "This phone is stolen please contact on this number" to the phone screen.

Now if your phone is stolen and you don't have your IMEI number then "How you can make a police complaint?"
Then goto your Google Dashboard and in the devices tab you will see all the phones till today's date you use your Gmail ID you will see your details and here you can easily find your IMEI number.  Same thing you need to do in case of your iPhone