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PHP in 2019

PHP in 2019

PHP in 2019

So let's talk about PHP, PHP is a server-side programming language which is very much popular. Nowadays there
are number of applications from PHP including the world's largest social network the Facebook as well as the world's largest blog hub WordPress. PHP stands for "Hypertext Preprocessor". So let's talk about PHP in 2019 I'm already aware that everyone is thinking about just modern things like angular view, reactor, node JS, Tirumala framework and libraries. This is 2019 everyone is just talking about Mango, Ruby, NODE, react angular, it will be the right choice to learn 19 compare the 2018 people. Mazda focuses on node JS rather than PHP but I would like to tell you that PHP and MySQL both are the best combinations even in 2019 and it will be rock solid. In UPS startups focus their time in some right now there's doesn't go angular react. We can't deny the fact that WordPress is the most dominating thing or the web as I already mentioned, that the dominating Technology WordPress is made using PHP MYSQL if you ask me personally that's it will be useful to learn PHP in 2019 then my answer will be absolute yes definitely you should go the PHP in 2019. PHP learning language is quite is there to find a job what is the meaning of prospective clients? if you are a blogger and you learn the PHP then the whole world is of you all including the WordPress themes, WordPress customization, WordPress theme development, WordPress plugin development, thousands of things will be in your hand. Django angular other frameworks which are popular these days but it doesn't mean that they had been replace the PHP. Thousands of companies are still using PHP and MySQL so if you ask me that after learning PHP can I get a job in a company? then the answer could be yes or no it depends on you but if you want to become a entrepreneur that is a freelancer entrepreneur then you can get huge amount by being a freelancer web developer if you are willing to career in freelancing world then you can't avoid PHP and MYSQL. There is no other option for this PHP tutorial learning path tutorial.

The Learning Path of PHP

The learning path first of all never compare PHP with other programming languages like better now any other programming languages PHP has its own speciality at his own. First of all gather and the HTML than in to learn the CSS and not thus learning the syntax but you need to learn the build at least four or five websites quality of interface other representing everything in terms of 2019. So that website must be responsive PHP is a backend language always remember HTML and CSS will help you to build end page that's the number 2 for learning PHP is 2019. Learn MYSQL if you are plan PHP my school I would like to highly recommend you do PDA as well it is a modern way of interaction with databases let's have a summary of this check number 1 learn HTML and CSS make few projects in that remember to run the PHP syntax stand number 3 going to my SQL and how can you connect MySQL with PHP there are number of frameworks available PHP you should also go through that. All the best!!!!!

Sunshine PHP 2019

Sunshine PHP is the best Php conference in the world . In this conference community member from the entire world come together to Share the information and their experience in Php.

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