Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Meet the man who earned 12,60,94,590.00USD in 1 Day

Meet the man who earned 12,60,94,590.00USD in 1 Day 

Meet the man who earned 12,60,94,590.00USD in 1 Day

Everyone dreams about to earn huge millions in just a few time span. However, this dream is come to reality by one Man from India named Rakesh Jhunjhunwala the man who earned 12,60,94,590.00USD in 1 Day.


Image result for rakesh jhunjhunwala                                 Rakesh Jhunhunwala born 5 July 1960 is a trader and an investor. The net worth of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala stands about 3 Billion USD as of February  2018. He is the Current chairman of  Aptech Limited and Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Jhunjhunwala's stocks fell by up to 30% in December 2011. He recouped his misfortunes in February 2012. These high points and low points constrained him to diminish his weakness by cutting his portfolio to 33%. His endeavors to strip his Aptech stake had no takers. In May 2012 he expanded his stake in Aptech by 2.24% presently holds 12.7%. According to June-2018, He possesses 24.05% stake in Aptech. It was a bustling December 2018 quarter for Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, as he made numerous sellings in securities exchanges. The financial specialist is known as the key player of Dalal Street and has been alluded to as a major bull by numerous speculators. Jhunjhunwala has made billions starting with no outside help by simply putting resources into values, consequently, when he talks individuals tune in. It should be noticed that Jhunjhunwala's greater part property gave him restless evenings in 2018, notwithstanding, by end of this current year he made just a single purchasing against evacuating cash in three stocks. These three stocks which lost some adoration for the pro speculator are - Autoline Industries, Firstsource Solutions, and Rallis India.

The king of Indian share market all we can call him Warren Buffett of India. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala started from 5000 rupees only today is the owner of about 15000 crores. Rakesh is rich enough to shake the stock market of India. Most of the investors follow Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and invest their amount. He is among the richest persons in India, figured 53rd richest man in India. He was born in Mumbai his father was an income tax officer who was interested in the share market. So Rakesh was also interested a lot about share market. Once at the age of 14 Rakesh asked his father what is the meaning of "share market", so his dad told him "it not easy to understand share market you need to read the newspaper new store consists of different companies information before investing in share market we need to understand the Rise and fall of a company" . That was the first lesson of Rakesh in the share market. As the age increases Rakesh interest in share market also increases. His dad told him to read the newspaper so, Rakesh collected a number of Newspapers. He started to read market of company, news of different companies. When he got the proper knowledge here convince his father too. He decided to build his career in share market but his dad refused and told him first complete your professional after that do whatever you want to do just do it. Rakesh completed his graduation in 1985. Rakesh becomes a chartered accountant. He had successfully completed his studies and now it was time to come in the Share market but at the moment he doesn't have good money to investing market. In 1985 his first investment was of Rs 5000 at that moment BSE Sensex was about 150.

The Big Turn

1986, Rakesh and had his big profit but how? let me tell you Rakesh purchase 5000 shares of Tata Tea as of 43 rupees per share. After 3 months, Rakesh sold a share of Tata Tea at a rate of 143 rupees per share, which lead him to 500000 rupees profit. Later in between 1986 to 1989 earned about 25 lakh rupees and in the next few years, he becomes Millionaire. In the year 2002-2003 the biggest turning point of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala came into existence, which was the purchase 6 crore shares of Titan at 3 rupees per share rate and later that share turn into 390 rupees per share, lead to a profit of 2100 crore rupees but it doesn't mean that only success. In December 2011 the number of Companies whose shares were purchased this had a very bad top fail up to 30% but after using his own of strategy. In 2012, he recovers the loss but due to the demonetization before a few years ago lead to loss in share market. They just a one Mantra by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala that is "None other than my right and Hold Tight" buy the right stock and hold it with the patients he also produces three Bollywood movies like "ki and ka", "English Vinglish " and "Shamitabh". Rakesh Jhunjhunwala always says you do not succeed with obsession.