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Types of Google Adsense Account

Types of Google Adsense Account

Types of Google Adsense Account


Google AdSense is the world's largest advertising program from Google which helps to the website owners as well as blog owner to make money by showing targeted ads to the particular user from their
platform. Google AdSense uses a cost per click(CPC) program in order to pay to the website owner or blog owner. In the past years since the Google AdSense was launched till today's date, Google AdSense has been paid over 11 billion United States dollar. However, The Types of Google Adsense Account are listed below:
  •  Google AdSense hosted account
  • Google AdSense Non-hosted account

 these are the two types of Google AdSense accounts.
 Google AdSense hosted account

Google AdSense Hosted Account:-

The Google AdSense hosted account is very easy to approve As compared to non-hosted account. These are that kind of Google AdSense account which are approved by the services which are hosted on Google's provided platform like blogger YouTube AdMob etc. In short, services you are using like YouTube blogger and AdMob will get into the charge of Google-hosted account and luckily it is very easy to get approved from these types of account as compared to Non-hosted or fully approved Google AdSense account.   according to the Google AdSense policy, you need to take separate approval for YouTube blogger and AdMob for this type of AdSense account. YouTube monetization can be done using Google AdSense hosted account by this you can show ads on your YouTube channel. similarly, on your blogger blog which is hosted by Google platform, you can show Google AdSense ads on your blog. if you own an Android app you can show ads on your app by using AdMob. in this type of program, you get 55% of this share as a publisher from Google of advertising.

 Google AdSense Non-Hosted Account or Google AdSense fully approved account:

Google AdSense Non-Hosted Account or Google AdSense fully approved account:-

The Google AdSense fully approved account Is approved by a website which is not hosted on Google platform. To get a fully approved AdSense account you must need a website on which you can take approval Why this type of account you can show ads on your YouTube channel your website as well as on your Android app For this you need to pay for the hosting. Among the tons of benefits of this type of account is that you will get a 68% share as a publisher. This type of account is generally very tough to get approval but if you have one Google AdSense hosted account then you can upgrade that Google AdSense hosted account to the Google AdSense Non-hosted account on the Google AdSense fully approved account.

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