Thursday, January 24, 2019

What is ABS or Anti-Lock Braking System?

What is ABS or Anti-Lock Braking System?

What is ABS or Anti-Lock Braking System?


  Whenever you got a chance to celebrate happiness you purchase something. Day by day as you get happy your demands get an increase. Try to remember our childhood days when we were at school we demand little things like a pencil, pen, sharpener. Then age increased we demand higher products like the video game. As all these things were bringing evolution in our daily life, at age of teen we think to have our own Bike. When we think about we most focuses on look and features of the bike. There are Thousands of bike manufacturing companies with millions of features. As the competition for every bike rises in features and looks, Every month new feature is added. Amongst these features, ABS is one of the top and people favorite feature.

What is ABS & How it works?

This is a very common feature available in cars and bikes. This feature is very useful for human beings, this feature saves you and most essential this feature works for your safety. So, "What Anti-lock braking system is ?" This is a System which prevents locking of your wheels. Basically, if we think about friction, consider if you are driving and you suddenly use the brake then by using brake the wheel of vehicle stop spinning and get jammed. When the wheel is jammed it doesn't mean that your car or bike will be stopped. The wheel will be Jammed but still, you will be skied till a distance and in this situation, you will lose control of your from the vehicle and you can't even move your vehicle right or left in case of a car. If this similar case were applied to the bike then you will surely lose your balance and you will fall. Let's take another real-life example to consider if you have a very big box which is too heavy. Now, you are pushing that box continuously, initially when you are pushing the box it will take your huge force. but when you push it until a moment where it takes the momentum then the sliding friction will be very less and the Rolling friction is very high which will lead to the travel of a box till a long distance. The same case is applicable here, if the wheel of your vehicle is locked then the friction is very less so in this moment your vehicle will take a lot of time to stop itself. If you apply the same situation for the car then You even can't scroll the Steering of the car so there is no option to your vehicle to take right or left. In this situation, ABS works very intelligently this system works because it has some sensors which know the speed of the vehicle at what rate the wheels are getting deaccelerated. Now the rate of wheels at which they are lowering the speed of vehicle guesses "What will happen next?". If they think that the wheel is getting Jammed then they control the brake and one by one Slowly slowly applies the brakes which we can say they create an "ON-OFF" Mechanism. After this, your car is stopped but in the best possible way. Avoiding to locking of the wheel which can be lead to the skidding of the vehicle by ABS can control brake system and make your stable.  Now the sensors in your vehicle send the data to the control unit which analyzes the entire data like the rate of speed change, will the wheel of the vehicle is going to lock? if yes then make the capacity of brake less by which your vehicle can be back into the same motion again. Classification of Anti-lock Braking System is based on the  types of brake and number of sensors 

  Above we have discussed that an ABS works. I personally suggest to you if you are willing to buy a vehicle you should surely focus on the presence of ABS. If it is out of your budget then you must increase your budget. There should be no compromise with the safety of your vehicle. Basically, ABS is a preloaded feature so it will not take any special or huge increment into the price of the vehicle.