Monday, January 21, 2019

What is Volte in details

What is Volte?

What is Volte?

Everyone amongst us heard somewhere about VOLTE and by hearing this term we think about 4G or LTE. What actually Volte is? Before explaining in detail about VOLTE I would like to represent you the generation of the mobile phones.

As we started to use the mobile phones, at the beginning we started to use the analog phones then we started digital phones. Later we started using phones like 2G then 3G. Basically, these are the different standards of the mobile phones which is used globally by the Telecom operators. So if we talk about 3G then the minimum category to be used which must be eligible in order of data, the minimum amount of data transaction how much the more speed of data is ?? and what are the bands of data and how to use them? For example what will be the speed of 2G and what will be the quality of data to be provided? or the same factors for 4G. These are some standards specified already by the telecom operators to provide you service and by choosing different network modes you can take benefit of these services. As the evolution of 2G 3G and 4G takes place the telecom operators only focus only on the data speed. Like we earlier we got 2G with some speed of about 144KBPS then we got 3G which give us 10/12/15MBPS and now on 4G we got speed around 100MBPS. So we only focused on the data because everyone uses the smartphones we use the applications for which we require fast data. But we haven't focused on the call quality at all which is the main feature of the mobile phone. Volte is the new advancement for the calling feature.  Volte stands for "Voice Over LTE".

Where it is used? 

This is used to make calls using the 4G network that is LTE network. Before this when we have the 3G speed we used the Bitrate set by the telecom company which leads to the lack of call connection speed as well as the low voice quality and sometimes it leads to the call drop sometimes voice mismatched. But in Volte when you make a call when you call goes to HD quality. It goes to LTE network by 4G it means the connection time is ultra fast. 

What are the advantages of VOLTE?

If you use Volte the connection time is ultrafast. Because it is known to the network that it is Volte based call so it gives you a preference to all network to transmit it. the advantage is that you will get HD crystal clear voice. It removes the old problems regarding the call such as delay of voice, the dropped signal will be no more. As they are aware that this is a call if this is a normal data then you they can hold it but it is call on which we speak live so it essential to make calls faster.  Rather than this VOLTE when you make a call & it is disconnected Volte can be used to reconnect faster, no need to wait such that when you got the link of data and you will use it. 

How to use it?

The question arises that how you can use it? You require a handset which supports the 4G but as well as it supports the VOLTE that is the MODEM inside the phone must have VOLTE. Another requirement is that your network provider must provide the VOLTE. The third requirement must is that the person you are calling must have the same specifications.