Sunday, February 10, 2019

What is Bandwidth?

What is Bandwidth? 

What is Bandwidth?


           The communication between computers occurs with binary language, that is 0s and 1s. The data is transferred in terms of electric pulses, the high pulses indicate 1s and the low pulses indicate 0s. The more the bandwidth the more internet speed it will have. The lower level and upper level of frequency are called Bandwidth. The Bandwidth is measured in Hz. The example we say a lot of times that "I Have 2.5 GHz processor" or you have something about the "XYZ Mbps" plan, all those statements describe the frequency of the object. The frequency of broadband also defines how much time how much data should be transmitted just like 4Mbps. So, now the number of people ask about why won't we increase our Bandwidth too much or we should have an increment in the frequency of bandwidth but this cannot happen because there's a cache behind it. Let us consider that you made an increment in the frequency of the bandwidth, initially it is 2.5 GHz then after increment it will be 5GHz. Then your internet connection will work successfully but there's a cache behind this that your will range will be decremented. Now the Broadband companies require to provide the internet connection to a long distance, in most of the cities there are maximum 1-2 connections by cable. Now, in this case, there's one thing required that will reach to everyone and hence the frequency of already to be low in order to increase Range.

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Broadband vs Baseband

As low frequency will give the high range which will lead to the Good quality of the speed. If there's a slight difference in the frequency then the internet speed will Normal. By these, we can conclude that the Range and the frequency are inversely proportional.  The more Frequency the less Range and to get the high Range there must be low frequency. The difference between baseband and broadband is, in the baseband the data that can be sent or can be received at once but not both simultaneously. Now, you know we are using the internet and at a time we don't need one signal( we upload as well as we download data simultaneously) there are a number of connections running simultaneously and hence it is called a Broadband. The speed of baseband is fast as compared to broadband. Baseband is used in Ethernet, Local Area Network(LAN). The internet used on Television or radio is Broadband networks. The frequency of Broadband is low but the broadband covers the long distance.